Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Survey

Fire Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment for Fire

Protecting staff and the visitors to your place of work is not only your legal obligation but also a vital aspect of your insurance cover…not to mention your peace of mind.

At Future Fire Protection Ltd we provide Fire Risk Assessments in Worthing and the surrounding areas, and have years of professional experience that ensures every Fire Risk Assessment we undertake is accurate, concise and appropriate for your specific needs.

We carry out all types of fire risk assessment worthing

Our more complex Fire Risk Assessments are made by Duncan Holden, a former member of the fire service who’s vast experience is backed up by qualifications that are recognised within the fire protection industry in the UK and across Europe. [Read more here].

The Fire Risk Assessment we will provide is comprehensive and will include the following…

Identifying the hazards – Fires occur when there are three things present, sometimes referred to as the fire triangle, – a source

of ignition, fuel to feed the fire and oxygen. The closer these are in proximity to each other, the more likely the outbreak of fire is to occur. Potential sources of ignition include:

  • Naked flames such as cookers, matches, pilot lights and welding equipment
  • Hot surfaces including heaters, engines, boilers electrical equipment and lighting
  • Heated work equipment such as grinders, flame cutters and welding
  • Friction from drive belts and saw blades
  • Sparks from electrical appliances, metal impact and cutting equipment

Identifying people at risk – We will assess who is at threat should fire break out and how the likely spread of fire would put them at risk. This would include numbers of workers and visitors to a premises including members of the public. Special precautions need to be made for people with disabilities. Warnings systems and fire exits including mobility access would all be checked and assessed.

Evaluation of the risks – Once we have completed our survey our findings are evaluated into a report which highlights areas where adequate plans and equipment are in place as well those areas that need addressing. This will be across 4 main areas:

  • Reducing the possibilities of ignition
  • Ensuring full warning procedures are in place
  • Assisting people to evacuate the building
  • Providing primary firefighting equipment

Implementing the findings – Future Fire Protection Ltd are proficient in all aspects of Fire protection and can implement any recommendations and plans that need to be put in place. This includes:

  • Fire safety management systems
  • Highlighting means of escape through signage
  • Staff training and procedure planning
  • Warning systems and fire alarms
  • Firefighting equipment installation and servicing

On going fire prevention and safety – In addition to immediate recommendations we will help you to plan for the future. Circumstances, staff and the working environment can be a constantly changing dynamic and by planning today…you can ensure your Fire safety planning will evolve and be up to date as your business evolves. On going services contracts will keep equipment in working order and on-site visits can continually appraise and update the plans you have in place.

Risk Assessment Regular Review

The Fire Risk Assessment should be reviewed annually or if there is a significant change in staff or to the building or any incidents of fire.

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At Future Fire Protection Services, all fire risk assessment adhere to the British Standards.

Servicing to the BS 5306 part 3 2017 and the risk assessments to the regulatory reform (Fire Safety) order 2006.

Over 27 years experience in fire risk assessment

For further information about our fire risk assessments and fire safety surveys please contact us online, call us on 01273 358005 or call Doug Olley direct on mobile 07970 650053.