Co2 fire extinguishers from Future Fire Protection are supplied according to British Standards.

Co2 Fire Extinguishers

  • Co2 Extinguisher 2 litre – aluminium
  • Co2 Extinguisher 2 litre – polished aluminium

Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Ideal for use on electrical fires or small class B fires – flammable liquids such as petrol, alcohol and paint

Co2 Fire Extinguisher Aluminium 2 Litre

Co2 Fire Extinguisher 2kg Polished Aluminium

Future Fire Protection – In Safe Hands

At Future Fire Protection, all Co2 fire extinguishers adhere to British Standards.

Servicing Co2 fire extinguishers to the BS 5306 part 3 2017 and fire safety assessments to the regulatory reform (Fire Safety) order 2006.

Over 28 years experience in Co2 fire extinguisher supply and servicing.

For further information about our Co2 fire extinguishers and fire safety products please contact us online, call us on 01273 358005 or call Doug Olley direct on mobile 07970 650053.

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